There are many things you can point to as evidence that the human race isn't very smart. I believe the fact that so many people are behind Sarah Palin qualifies as one of those things. I am not a huge Obama fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that it's ridiculous to say that someone, anyone, whether you agree with them or not, is only where they are because of charm and a teleprompter, when you have notes on your own hand to read off of that everyone can see:

Sidenote. This is just lazy. You know they have cue cards now, right? Yep, it's true. Also, is "lift American spirits" really something that needs to be there? You might forget that? Seriously, just asking. End sidenote.

This might be a bit dated, but I was actually planning on reading the "Going Rogue" book by Sarah, just for giggles, but then I figured I should wait for the audiobook so I can hear her voice putting the words directly into my brain. I'm pretty sure they'll find me dead in my bathroom, wide-eyed and facedown with my earphones in. Coroners will cite an aneurism as the cause of death.

One more thing - I think it's a pretty sad state of affairs when Rush Limbaugh is the voice of reason over Sarah Palin. Although I think it is pretty amusing that even Palin won't fuck with him.

PS: I know I said I'd let this go, but it bears mentioning that according to the St. Mary's Church survey, Sarah Palin and her daughter are both Satanic.

Marriage post still coming on March 1st!

Peace out,

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Anonymous said...

haha nice, palin is such a fucking joke

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i read about this - shes a fucking joke, tahts the perfect word for her. its really sad some people take her seriously.

Anonymous said...

meh - not great

Anonymous said...

You know, im not sure you can fault Sarah Palin for being passionate about what she believes in.

Anonymous said...

please - shes a muppet

Anonymous said...

Her ideas aren't the only thing retarded to come out of her

Anonymous said...

KAPOW! Nice. (last comment)
Where are these obscure fucking album and song references coming from? What kind of music is this?

Anonymous said...

over 1300 hits!!!
btw, FOUL to that comment....