2 Years Later...

(Renovatio is Latin for "Rebirth".)

Some of you might remember that once upon a time, I did some writing. My last post was 2 years ago this month. People seemed to dig it so I thought I'd try it again.

The things that are awkward about writing kind of resemble the things that are awkward about a one night stand. Goodbyes and introductions.

RE-introductions, if you're ever unlucky enough to experience one of these with a one-nighter, are even worse.

Which is essentially what is going on right now.

(In case you're having trouble with the subtext, I basically just told you that this entry was going to suck because it's the first one.) This should be a lot of fun.

One of the things I like about all writing is that everything comes from an individual, and all individuals are different. I am an indivudual. An individual, who, in dealing with the various absurdities of life, is fast approaching his personal limits of sanity. So, I will just write about some of these absurdities as they come to my mind, and continue talking about them until I have to move on because I'm about to have a stroke.

So now, I'll be here, exposing you to my innermost thoughts. Much like Urkel warmed the hearts of a nation every Friday night for many years by tormenting "Fat Generic Negro Cop", I will be here to wax philisophical about all things that make me furrow my pretty little brow.

Anyone who read my previous endeavor will tell you that I don't write to charm the pants off anyone, unless that anyone is Jessica Simpson. Most people say that I should "get with the times" and check out Lauren Conrad from "The Hills", but I'm mostly not into finely chiseled jaws or man-hands. I'll give you my analysis, and most importantly, my own views on the issues that I bring up, right here.

The last site had a really good little following. I figure now with social networking being what it is with the Twitbooks, FaceSpaces, MyTwits and the Spacebooks, it might be fun to try to duplicate the success. That being said, we HAVE a Facebook Fan Page, (which you should join - link is on the sidebar.) Spread the word around for us and see what kind of traffic we can get. Worst case scenario, we have some fun and fail miserably.

Like AIG!

And, much like the latter half of the last site, some other talent will be joining me. I feel compelled to mention that I am not responsible for anything they may write, nor the schedule on which they choose to do so, and vice-versa. This is theirs to do with as they wish, same as me. I'll let them introduce (or re-introduce) themselves. I will say that most of the alumni from the old site have elected to return... which you've noticed if you took a look at the sidebar. And there is a delightful, classy gentleman (who had a site of his own as well), who will be taking over the red color from Katastrophe, who is the only one who elected not to return. Some more possibilities for talent are in the works, and we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, that's what you now have to look forward to, starting today, and continuing until we get bored.

... so basically, today only.

Thanks for reading. You might want to get yourself checked out.


Song For Today:
"One Day"
- Giuseppe Ottaviani

Quote For Today:
"I love women. I have all their albums."
- Hank Moody, Californication


Anonymous said...

Welcome back B.@.D!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol - welcome back B.@.D. Still hung up on Jessica eh?

Anonymous said...

bahahahaha welcome back mfriend.

Lea said...

here we go again....

Anonymous said...

how do you put names on here now??? on the comments i mean

Anonymous said...

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

i missed the old livejournal - good to see yor back!

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Welcome back to internet-land, bad. Love the new site.

Anonymous said...

welcome back - here's hoping it can live up to last time............

B-Ri said...

welcome back buddy!@