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I thought I’d throw my $.02 in here on the marriage debate – as I am recently married. Yes, in the “traditional” sense. I’ve been with my wife for about 6 ½ years – married of that for 6 months and we couldn’t be happier.
I agree with Mizzle’s comment 100% here:

“For me marriage is a union of 2 people who want to be with each other more then they want to be with others. Including their old friends from their era of freedom.”

That’s not to say that we don’t enjoy being with our old friends as well, however, we ARE each others’ best friend. A friend of mine married his wife in 2008, they have what would be known as an “open” relationship. While I don’t think anything is wrong with their relationship, they’re certainly happy and love each other very much, one question comes to my mind.

If you’re going to have an open relationship, much like the one B.@.D. described in his post; why get married at all?
It seems to me that, for two people who are not 100% committed to each other, marriage really shouldn’t be something they would want. If two consenting adults want to be in a relationship together, but still have the freedom to sleep around, I have no problem with that. However why do they have the desire to get married? If marriage is intended to show the commitment you have to another – then indeed, in an “open” marriage, I don’t feel you ARE 100% committed to your partner.

Again, I do not feel it’s wrong to have a consensual open relationship (as long as all parties in relationship KNOW it’s an open relationship); it just confuses me that people, who are not committed to each other, want to pretend to be committed to each other.


Why does the divorce rate being high bother so many people? Why does the word “divorce” give anybody an instant bad aura.

Hopeful single man: “Hi, my name’s John; I’m 32, an engineer, and recently divorced”
Potential piece of ass: “hhhhhhhsssssssssss, away with you!”

Frankly, I’d rather be divorced, than remain in an unhappy marriage.

I actually disagree with B.@.D. on his stance on divorce here. I don’t think that the higher divorce rate has any indication of society progressively getting stupider, marrying too young, marriage being out-dated etc.

I propose that a higher divorce rate actually shows that society is actually evolving, and is able to say, “yes, I’m in an un-happy marriage, but I’m not stuck here”. Society was different in the 1950s. I’d like to see a survey which shows the number of 80 year olds who WISH they had gotten a divorce, but didn’t due to societal pressure of the atomic family.

Do I want to get a divorce? No. Did I think before my wedding that I could get a divorcet? No (I 100% believe we’ll be together forever *cue sappy clichĂ© music*). If for some reason, one of us wanted out of our marriage, would I get a divorce? Sure.

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It's pretty crazy that I check this site right after the weather and before I get in the shower. GP B-Rush! Was a big fan of the old site, nice to see you writing again!

B-Rush said...

BTW - anybody going to the Guesome Twosome show? See everyone April 29th!

Bring on the Spookshow!

Mizzle said...

Nice post B-Rush. I agree with your thoughts on the touchy marriage subject. And you motivated me to do a post on single people like you described in your scenario. Not targeting all single people, just talking about baggage and it's real problems.

And I really look forward to the zombie post. I lurves zombie talk.

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GP Brush! I dont think that people having an open marriage neccesarily means they're 'not commited' though

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i think HTML fucks up on this site a lot... hi brush

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i wonder if BAD will have a retort...

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GP Brush! glad everyones on the board, like the facebook said

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GP! Nice to see you again.

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why cant we comment on DYLF's new post?

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GP Brush, and DYLF and Mizzle and BAD this week as well - and yeah i cant comment on DYLFs post either hahaha

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...there might be a reason for that...who knows when the jesuit heckler might strike again....?

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GP B-Rush............ Dylf not really sure what to say there bro

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I heart Dylf

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almost 1700!