1st Anniversary

Hi All - well long time no words from me. We had a great vacation in the sun and now it's back to mundane winter weather for another couple of months.

So yesterday was my first wedding anniversary. I like to do things by the book the old traditional way, so in the weeks leading up to the date i googled suggestions on how to celebrate. Here's the list i found, so let's check off against it and see how we went:

1. Exchange gifts with your spouse - Well 1st anniversary gift theme is paper - he got me a book, i got him some Euros (for a trip we're hoping to take) and we each got football tickets for this weekend s0 yep, check, we're all good there.

2. Have your cake and eat it too - We have had the top tier of our wedding cake taking up an annoyingly large sized space in our freezer for the past year. On Friday i took that baby out and we now have a large space in our fridge taken up, i'm thinking i need to bring it into work and share it around.

3. Share your first dance all over again - I would just get a straight out no if i suggested that one.

4. Go through your wedding photos - Again, i've been doing this solo - not sure whether husband has even looked through ALL our wedding photos ever?

5. Have dinner at your reception site - We got married in a town that is 3 hours away from where we live, being a Sunday and all that was nixed. Husband cooked me dinner though, so win?

6. Take a second honeymoon - Mmmm i wish! We came to the US for our honeymoon last year and if i could take that trip again i would in a heartbeat - unfortunately funds are slightly down possibly still an after-shock from this exact event a year ago.

7. Throw a party for your closest family and friends - Meh i would have but i hate cleaning up after parties.

8. Toast one another - Yes, managed to scoot this one in before dinner.

9. Renew your vows - Isn't it a little early on for that?!

10. Relive the wedding night with great sex - Actually, we didn't have sex on the wedding night - haha i'm not kidding... I was sick and utterly exhausted when i fell into bed that night, and luckily since husband had had quite a few drinks i think he was beyond putting up too much of a fight with me. Next morning is another story... ;)

Anyway i think we fared ok, hopefully we will have many many more anniversaries to get things right anyway :)



Anonymous said...

GP Ozi!

finale tonite.. heh

Anonymous said...

how long is the site going off season for?

Anonymous said...

gp ozi! finale tonite..........

Anonymous said...


B-Rush said...

GP Ozi - it's my first anniversary in a month - so we're trying to figure out our plans too.


Ate the cake the day after.
Got married about 15 hour drive away/reception at a castle, dinner there unlikely.
Paper gift - does a card count?
First dance? I do it all the time to make her giggle.
Wedding photos? we haven't put them away yet.

hmm.... plans looking slim lol