An Evening Of Facebook Status Update Comments With B.@.D, Mizzle, and Dylf...

So I put up a Facebook status update a little while back one night while I was working late and bored. The status update was a line from the Johnny Cash song "God's Gonna Cut You Down". Each line after that is a comment on that status update. As you can see, things very quickly spiraled downward.

With due apologies to Jaderberri, The Prince, and... actually, it's probably just easier to apologize to everyone at once. Sorry for what you're about to read.

B.@.D's status: You can throw your rocks, hide your hands, working in the dark against your fellow man. But as sure as God made black and white, what's done in the dark will be brought to the light.

B.@.D's Girlfriend: ?

It's Johnny Cash!

I thought you we're being racist again.

Can't it be both?

So it was?


Nice play. Most didn't see it coming.

I'm thinking of making my next update something to do with necrophilia$
(The "$" was supposed to be a period. Damn BlackBerries.)

Please do. And please involve $.

People will pay me for that?

Just write an article about it. That's all I want. But it has to have money.

Am I for it or again' it?

I think you should be both, as if you are putting out feelers.

Presenting an argument for both sides... I like it. Like I'm a politician talking about abortion.

Yeah, just wondering what people think. Then you will support it either way.

Mention how it's not something I'm into, but how I can certainly understand the appeal?

And appreciate the dedication that must be required.

Saying how I feel bad for the families of the departed, but how they'd probably be happy that their remains are being put to partical use, like if they had been an organ donor.

... this conversation was probably better suited to BBM.

Wait until I post it as an article. Better copy it over before someone flags it as inappropriate. At least Dylf will appreciate it.

He's gonna need that "Prince" sock again.

You think this is too dirty for the Jaderberri sock?

He wouldn't want to let her see that side of him... yet.

Maybe we can cliffhanger that for sweeps in the third season or something.

*sharpens pencil*

*puts coffee on*

i knew i could feel someone taking my name in vain....
(This was like 30 seconds after the last comment. HOLY SHIT! Talk about timing.)

Like a disturbance in the force, except instead of a wierd headache you just got turgid and started thinking about The Prince?

i'm always was like some type of hyper-turgidity....

Obviously. But The Prince part was accurate, right?

i'm always thinking about the Prince...

DAMMIT. Now I'm thinking about The Prince too!!!

t's hard not is also hard....too

Well this certainly got out of hand.

....or did it hand???

I don't get what you m OH MY GOD!

God has nothing to do with it....

Maybe you could replace my picture on the back of your wife's head with The Prince's... just for one night though. I'm okay with being substituted, but not replaced.

it would be like replacing the splenda in my coffee with sweet and low.....

So you admit that I am healthier but not QUITE as tasty? I can live with that.

done....goodnight pepsi

Pepi. And it's over? I'm going to miss our hot necrophilia debate.

I'll be in my trailer.



Anonymous said...

hahahahahha oh WOW

Anonymous said...

you should put timestamps on those hahaha, are they like oen after the other minute by mintue??


Anonymous said...

gp hahahahah

Anonymous said...

necrophilia? bottom of the barrel.......

Anonymous said...


thats the only mizzle we've seen this season :(

Anonymous said...

gp! lol

Anonymous said...

gp B@D lol

Anonymous said...

i think thats GP to B.@.D, Dylf, and Mizzle lol

Anonymous said...

i miss Mizzle. please come back Mizzle.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done as always my friend

Anonymous said...

gp bad

Anonymous said...

is mizzle the only one not to post this season?

gp B@D

Anonymous said...

gp B@D - nice subject matter lol

Anonymous said...

thanks for the weekly posts B.@.D... i like how Monday is your day. same to Dylf.

you guys rule. GP b.2.d

Anonymous said...

gp! when does tihs season end?

Anonymous said...

you make mondays more bareable a bit (even tho i read this on tuesday LOL)

Anonymous said...

gp B@D!

Anonymous said...

B@D what is your other site?