Better Be A Household Name

Well I'd like to spend the next 4 hours getting caught up with all of you. But there's only one problem, I don't know who you are, and I'm not sure how much information I dare to lend. So instead I'll just tell you about life in general and try to motivate you to be a better person... ttthhhhhhbt.

Yeah we're not doing that. I'm driving this... Bus? Train? Blog? Can you drive a blog? Either way I'm gonna spoon feed you what I want you to read and you're going to see into the mind of a maniac. Or just someone who you think might have similar interests thus causing you to demand more from me... to which I won't promise any schedule for my posts because as far as posting go's I might be like a fart in a wind storm... or in a steam room.

Moving forward... well actually backwards because I want to talk about the title. I stole it from a song called "Bombs over Baghdad". Somebody had mentioned in the comments something about this blog taking off like it used to or something. The reality is B.@.D livejournal became a household name to you and others reading this. And that was before we had any networking skills (read: Facebook). I think B.@.D could make this as big as he wanted to. Love him or hate him he has some serious skills and passion. But before this turns into a hug and cry fest like every episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter lets get going forward.

Do you ever watch those Chevy commercials, or the insurance commercials where the guy is always walking really fast through places related to what he's talking about. And you wonder if they caught him in the middle of a dash for the rest room? Like is he wondering if that was a warm cup of coffee that got spilled down his pants or if he's in need of some repair yet the camera crew stays in tow after asking a loaded question?

Well close your eyes and imagine that... but wait, only close them for about 2 seconds because you're gonna need to have them open to keep reading.

*Open Scene*

Mizzle: "Wha... uh oh hey guys uh this time around we are going to uh try to add some more links to things I find funny."

*Mizzle darts through a doorway*

Mizzle: "Shit how did you get there so fast, um this year we are going to be making fun of all kinds of situations and current events."

*Mizzle runs across the street weaving in and out of traffic*

Mizzle: "Come on you didn't even look when you... ok yeah um, we're going to spend some time talking about things we do during the day. Not really getting to a personal level, but I think B.@.D has a hilarious take on what it is I do with my day while working."

*Mizzle jumps into a full elevator*

Mizzle: "Mother of... are you the stairmaster champion? How did you... it's going to be fun, just stay tuned.

*Mizzle leaps off the building with a small parachute*

So to get this thing rolling I leave you with some humour and a song that I think is pretty awesome. It's not trance B.@.D so I'm sorry you won't be able to stick tabs in your head band and have lasers talking to you... I'm kidding. You know that.

/\/\ |_| 5 /-\ |<
Title: Wolf Like Me
Artist: T.V on the Radio

\/ | |> 3 ()
Danny Heatley's in Da House

So there you have it. I hope this finds you all happy and healthy.



Anonymous said...

welcome back miz!
bad likes trance now....?

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhh i missed mizzle

Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK MIZ, i love the scenes you play out haha, i still remember the one from last time when you and BAD we're trying to decide your color and he was yelling at you asking what he was paying you for

Anonymous said...

400 hits!
Never read Miz before but I liked it!

Anonymous said...

whats the deal with the wierd signage above the links???

Anonymous said...

hahaha there should have been a picture to go with the parachute thingie

Anonymous said...

usually those are for viagra or life insurance commercials.

Anonymous said...

good to have you back mizzle - truly.