Breaking Me Down

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post. I will spend this post explaining a few quick things.

1. welcome back miz! bad likes trance now....?

B.@.D doesn't "like" Trance. He wines it and dines it. It's really quite the spectacle. But don't call it trance... he calls it, "making love to digital sounds".

2. ahhhhhhhhh i missed mizzle

I missed people missing me. I had my people get a hold of B.@.D's people because I was thinking of what used to be...

3. WELCOME BACK MIZ, i love the scenes you play out haha, i still remember the one from last time when you and BAD we're trying to decide your color and he was yelling at you asking what he was paying you for

*Open Scene*

*Mizzle standing around on an abandoned office floor*

Mizzle: "I wish I had people to phone B.@.D for me. In fact I wish that if those people existed that B.@.D would exist, cause he'd have his people thinking what I'm thinking, and his people would invent my people in their wishful imagination, and then they could phone my people so that our people could talk about.... OH shit it's ringing.


*B.@.D pushing pencils at work wondering what fresh air smells like*

*Mutha futha hip hop ring tone*

B.@.D: "Hey Mizzle what's up"Mizzle: "Hey, yeah I was just thinking about the blog the other day."

B.@.D: "Yeah I was thinking about it too. Remember when we used to kill ourselves laughing at the things we couldn't put on there, but we'd hint towards them constantly and people would be so anxious to hear what it is we were really talking about in real life?"

Mizzle: "Uh, are you hitting on me?"

*End Scene*

4. 400 hits! Never read Miz before but I liked it!

Better be a household name.

5. whats the deal with the wierd signage above the links???

The weird signage above the links is L337 speak. Sorry, it's Leet speak. Um, gamers who have way too much time on their hands type with it. Constantly. Started somewhere around CounterStrike and is still going strong. I just think it's funny and love the thought of what was/is going through your head when you read it.
/\/\ |_| 5 /-\ |<
- This says Music. Well, it actually says Musak.

\/ | |> 3 ()
- This says Video.

6. hahaha there should have been a picture to go with the parachute thingie

I have no picture that would do the scene justice. But I hope you had a mental picture and smiled. Thinking you weren't sitting at your computer, and felt entertained. Even if only for half a second.

7. usually those are for viagra or life insurance commercials.

Oh, now you're going to make me find links.

Chevy commercial

I will write down the commercial where the guy is crossing the street in the rain. It's pretty awesome...

Well I just thought I'd fire out a quick reply since some explaining for my posts might have been a help for some of you reading them. And of course...

/\/\ |_| 5 /-\ |< For the song of the post, I heard this the other day, and thought it would be a pretty awesome song if you were to make a commercial for "Left 4 Dead 2", featuring the level called "Dark Carnival".

\/ | |> 3 ()
American tv commercial.



Anonymous said...

2 in a row! thats odd....

Anonymous said...

i just read ozis and mizzles first post... nicely done kids

Anonymous said...

WB Miz!

Anonymous said...

hahahaa nice

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if they're gonna bring back the BADsaga???