I'm writing this to you from the past - that is to say, last week. I was going to put it up last week, but there was a problem with the comments and Dylf's post was of such quality that I had to postpone mine to leave it up for the attention it deserved. And in doing so, we got a weekend bonus post from Ozi-Style as well!

Here's an interesting tidbit about that - when Ozi's post went up on Saturday night, do you know what the rest of us we're doing? Of course, because she's on the other side of the world, it would have been a different time for her, and I'm not sure what everyone else was doing, but I do know that myself and Jaderberri, along with our signifigant others and some friends of ours, we're out at a karaoke bar for Jader's birthday (Happy Birthday!), watching a very eccentric gentleman in a very shiny shirt who bore a STUNNING resemblance to Dylf karaoke "Mama Said Knock You Out".

This performance included:
  • Screaming and lots of it
  • Gyrating
  • Microphone-cord-flossing
  • High kicks
  • Pelvic Gyrating (it gets it's own mention beyond normal gyrating due to its intensity)
  • More screaming
It was epic. People went batshit. I think someone went into labour. As Dylf said, "people we're diggin' my sh1t!!!"

I swear to God it was just like the scene at the end of that retarded Rob Zombie movie. Limbs and goo everywhere... just EVERYWHERE man.

It was amazing.

You we're there too? Yeah, you really can't match the experience of watching Dylf karaoke, can you?

It was stunning.


I want to carress him.

Moving on, we... WHAT?!

If you don't want to carress Dylf after that performance, then you're clearly gay.

Um... I don't remember asking for your help writing this. Why don't you take this one off and I'll...




Damn right "nothing".

Anyways, myself and Jaderberri's signifigant other we're SUPPOSED to do "Pour Some Sugar On Me". We had signed up and everything, but they didn't call us. I'm can't pretend that it would have come anywhere near touching Dylf's performance (giggidy) but I'm pretty sure me putting "Sexton Hardcastle" in the "name" column of the form might have had something to do with us not getting called.

So we're a little more than 2 months in, about halfway through Season 1. I very much like the idea that I'm writing again. It's a lot of fun, especially with the people I'm writing alongside, and let's not forget that I can technically call myself a writer for as long as I feel like it. Sure, only in the loosest possible definition of the word, but who actually takes the time to dig into stuff like that when you tell them that you're a writer? No one, that's who.

And this writter has gotten a lot of feedback about the whole "seasons" thing. I'm thinking that we'll write about 8 months out of the year, and will probably do two 2-month breaks each year. I figure we're going to end Season 1 sometime in June and come back sometime around September. And just to explain, it gives everyone (writers AND readers) a couple months break. I think there's renewed interest in the site from ALL sides if we take the odd break.

I can tell even just from reading the other writers' articles that everyone has their own system for writing. When they do it, what they write about, etc. The bitch of it all, for me, is that roughly 50% of the time, I love writing. Even if it's just something simple like making unfounded accusations about Dylf, like how he tries to get children to come into his "gingerbread house". (Yay for sour grapes.)

The other 50% of the time, writing is often times completely at odds with my desire to be NOT writing. As an example, here's just a partial list of things that my mind has tried to put ahead of getting this goddamn fucking pain in the ass explanation about our "seasons" written:
  • I need to get ready for Thanksgiving.
  • Enzo (my dog) wants to play. Probably. I think.
  • Do I have a text message? *check phone* Nope. I thought for sure I had a text message.
  • Wait... did I hear horses?
  • I should call Mizzle to arrange a day for us play a game of Risk that will probably never occur.
  • I forgot to make my bed this morning.
  • Is that painting crooked?
  • I better see if that wine is still good. That shit's not gonna drink itself.
  • When is the city gonna get off it's ass and pave my fucking street?
  • Should I subscribe to some more podcasts? I only have 21 so far.
  • I should really think about doing 20 push-ups.
  • Really? St. Louis is playing Pittsburgh? I should check that out. (I honestly couldn't care less about either team in whatever sport that comes to your mind.)
  • This place is fucking DUSTY.
  • I'm supposed to get a phone call soon, so maybe I'll wait until after the phone call so I don't have to start and then stop.
  • Man, that phone call took a lot out of me. I'm sleepy.
  • My iTunes Library is organized, but is it as organized as it could be?
  • I swear to God I hear horses.
  • You know what I've never seen? Fiddler On The Roof. Who hasn't seen Fiddler On The Roof? I really need to check that shit out.

That's it for today! Have a good one.

P.c.P would like to wish Dylf the best of luck in his future endeavors. I want to fuck that guy.

Yeah. Fuck that... what?


Song For Now:
"Chords Of Life"
- Foyle & Sparx

Album For Today:
"Vonyc Sessions 2009"

- Paul Van Dyk


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahhaha awesome - please tell me you videod that

Anonymous said...

i saw him Karaoke at a CF function - i would quite like to never hear it again

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ozi has a post down there? i need to checek the site on the weekends - didnt think you guys wrote then

Anonymous said...

PCP is gay for Dylf

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure PCP IS Dylf

Anonymous said...

bahahahaha GP

and PCP is not Dylf, PCP is olde rthan dylf, in blog terms anyways

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bahahaha gp

Dylf said... you want to fuck me??....i'd fuck me......"Buffalo Bill" from Silence of the Lambs

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Ozi-Style said...

Man, wish i had of been still on my Saturday night instead of my annoying Sunday - sounds like you guys had fun!

PS - I would love to know a bit more about what sort of writing systems you think you have detected amongst us? :p

Anonymous said...

well, Dylf and Mizzle are demented

Anonymous said...

3000 hits!!!!

Anonymous said...

GP bad!!!!

Anonymous said...

GP!!! hahaha someone take a vid next time

Anonymous said...

"Microphone cord flossing"?


Anonymous said...

GP! Love it

Anonymous said...

old album.... laaaaaaaame

GP tho

Anonymous said...

hahaha i want a Dylf post on this

- M

Jaderberri said...

Happy Birthday to me!
Yea I quite enjoyed that screamo version of mamma said knock you out... I think I even let out a scream at some point during that song. And, beleive it or not, Dylf was actually a nice guy. not the creepo horn dog I had for some reason imagined him to be in my head lol