The Prince & The Event

Is anyone watching this show The Event? If you're not, and you're not going to, you may as well skip to the bottom of this where I talk about The Prince.

But it's pretty cool. Way too early to tell if it has staying power. It could always jump the shark like they most often do. I'm enjoying it so far though. There's not a lot on TV these days.

Although we're only 2 weeks in and I think I"ve already figured out exactly what is going on.

(Well, it's just my opinion on what's really going on, but I'm pretty proud of myself for probably figuring it out, so I'm calling it a spoiler.)

They're not aliens. They're humans. From the future.

I got the hint when the FBI/CIA/NSA/ATF/WTF dude said "their DNA is only 1% different from ours." and then some other dude said "We're only 1% different from chimps too." We evolved from chimps. Those are not aliens, they're humans are from the future, but WAY in the future, so they're way more evolved than we are, the same way we're way more evolved than monkeys.

This is why the other people from whatever crashed haven't done or said anything in the decades since they crashed - they're hiding in fear of having to change the past.
This is why they stopped the plane - because the President dying as a result of him announcing their presence would change their future.
This is why no technology we have is anywhere close to theirs.
And this is why none of them are talking - they can't.

That, and they speak perfect English and did before they ever encountered humans when they crashed. Duy. That could just be lazy writing though. Whatever.

Thank you.

They didn't make it obvious or anything, but I think my brain is wired to come up with explanations for this kind of stuff after 6 years of LOST. That being said, I could be wrong, but I doubt it. This doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to seeing more of it, especially if this is true. That could be good if they don't fuck it up in the execution.

I'm not enabling comments on this one. I don't care what anyone else thinks. No offense. This is just my idea. I just wanted to put it up here now, for the record, so that I can hopefully look like a genius when I'm proven right.

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to throw something real quick up was to say congratulations to The Prince, who is getting married in the Mayan Riviera next week! Regrettably, I am unable to attend for a couple of reasons. This is sad because I was there the night he hooked up with his future wife, actually it happened at my house, at a party I threw.

So even though I can't be there, I wanted to throw something up really quick just to say congratulations to a great friend of mine. Have a good time out there Prince!

Welcome to the club Prince....try to remember what it was like to be happy....seriously, congrats fucker!!!

What the fuck was that??? I gotta get some security up in here. I'll be in my trailer.