I am slowly going crazy...... and there's still 3 more weeks.

Holy fuck people, just have to rant here.

I'm sitting here in an office in Denver Colorado, with a man who drives me absolutely insane.

He's spent the last 45 minutes bitching about how much I spent on MY/MY WIFE's Wedding!!!

Yes, alot of money was spent. Yes, we probably could've bought a BWM 335. (note, no, not 100% of the cost was ours - we had contributors who know who they are and know they are appreciated.)

Yes - it was 100% worth it.

Now fuck off, and leave me alone. Why the fuck do you care what my wedding cost anyways? What's it to you?

Question for the day?

Why do people give a shit what other people spend on things? It's not your money, it's mine, I'll do with it what I want.

*note - I'm not paying attention to this anymore; and he's still going.....

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