Under Construction

Dear Friends,

It appears as though the site is under construction. Either that or one of our competitors hacked our Login and changed the website and locked our admin privileges out. Or perhaps one of the writers changed some settings and didn't know how to un-change them and now we don't have comments.

B.@.D is out of the country and may possibly be battling for Alpha-male status if all isn't well in Punta Cana. So until he goes to an e-mail station and gets word from the blogger people on how we can unf*ck the blog, and get our comments back on here, we won't have any commenting. So maybe make yourself some post-it notes and stick them around your monitor so you remember to say things like...

"Oh my gorsh, that was a good fake firing B.@.D"




"NICE SPeling idiut. Im gong to steal Dullah dullah bils from my parents room and fly to yur place and kick ur ass!!!11!!!!!1!!"

We are sorry you can't vent your frustrations on how you would write a blog, but nobody would read it so you come here to just ride on our coat tails and haunt our comment section.

And to those of you who matter to us in life, we are sorry you can't come and let us know it was a good post, or share a laugh with us, or hop in on a hot debate. Thanks for reading during these trying times, and we hope you keep an eye on your chance to be heard.

/\/\ _5 /-\ <

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