M3: Day 7

Thomas' Firefighting Manual:
1.) Wait for rain.
2.) Collect paycheck.

A sparrow tells me that if I always run away from fights, that fights will be harder down the road because I'll lack experience (and therefore won't become stronger.) So far kids and animals are way more helpful than adults in this game.
I run into some villagers, who don't know who I am because I'm pitch black. With soot. From the forest fire. What the fuck? There was only one guy who you assholes kept pointing in the direction of the fire and that was me. Chakotay. Plus, it's only my face that's black. Take a look at my pant legs - it's totally me. Ah, to hell with all of you. They say that Thomas took Lighter to the Prayer Sanctuary, which seems like a really sacreligious place to be performing forced sodomy. Then some lady and her husband go out of her way to tell me they we're NOT bitten by a flying mouse that sounds a lot like the one that attacked me in the burning house.

Alrighty then. Pretty sure you two are going to turn evil due to the mouse that "didn't" bite you and expect me to be surprised. Just calling it out now.

I walk down to the sanctuary and there's Thomas, who also seems awfully surprised that I'm pitch black and covered in soot. Thanks, eagle-eye, one would think that you'd be familiar with the aftermath of being in a fire, since, y'know, you're a goddamn FIREFIGHTER. You know the forest is stll ACTUALLY fucking ablaze, right Thomas The Firefighter?. He says Lighter is in the sanctuary. Which he totally isn't, he's lying on a board beside the sanctuary. I hate Thomas so much.
Lighter is in bad shape due to the rape, but not bad enough shape to NOT point out that we're both covered in soot. Lighter then says he is in pain, and uses the phrase "Consarnit!", which I am totally going to steal. Lighter says he owes me for saving his kid. Then it starts to rain.

Jesus, look at the guy to the right of Lighter, his nose is the size of Fuel. Thomas says he hopes that the rain will do his job and put out the fire. Because just like that Destiny's Child singer that doesn't sing, he's a firefighter who doesn't fight fires. He does assfuck, though. He does assfuck. They say we're going to head back to the village.

Wasn't this supposed to be "Night Of The Funeral"? I thought for sure that Lighter was going to be the one who died after the fire / rape combo. By his own hand.

There is really sad music playing, and we are in a house. Lighter is in bed and everyone is around him. Thomas is here too, which just seems cruel. Lighter asks me if I saw anyone with pig-like masks on while I was in the forest. Unless he's talking about what I thought we're aliens, then no. He calls them bastards and said that they turned me pitch black, which apparently is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being, the way these people talk.

Then Thomas, the Chief Wiggum of firefighting, asks a question I've been wondering about...
I like how he asks that so casually. You KNOW my wife and kids are trapped with my sadistic father-in-law on the other end of the fucking ailen-infested forest fire that you we're suppoesd to put out but didn't. YOU SAID that I had to go save Lighter and Fuel first. Not like that was my idea. And everyone in the room knows it. So don't be gay about this, Thomas. Don't be gay.

He then asks 'won't the forest be dangerous to come back in, the way it is now.' Wow. Another one of these losers says that Issac (the guy who one of the houses up there belonged to) went to the mountains to pick mushrooms, and they hope he's OK. Maybe I should go rescue HIM before my own family TOO. Why don't you just go ahead and SAY that, you ASSHOLE, because we ALL KNOW that's what you're getting at. GOD.

I leave the room, and realize I'm in a bar. We brought him to the back room of a bar. Because after we we're done FIXING him up, we wanted to be somewhere we could get FUCKED up. That joke didn't work at all, did it? I gave it a shot and it just went right down the shitter.


More tomorrow.

B.@.DThomas' Firefighting Manual